White Papers

Ant Behavior and Trend Following

Watching ants go about their work is really fascinating. There usually is a line of workers going toward some food source and a separate line returning to the colony.

The Blockchain and Fur Trade

During the 18th and 19th century, beaver pelts were a form of money within North America — being used to directly purchase manufactured goods.

Noisy Markets and Deep Learning

Fischer Black, an American Economist, determined that markets move more from noise than by information.

The Geometry of Markets

Empirical evidence does not exist for the notion that supply has ever equaled demand in any market. If it did, there would cease to be a market.

AlphaGo for Securities Trading

AlphaGo is Google’s Deep Learning system that was awarded professional 9-dan (the highest possible Go ranking) by the Chinese Weiqi Association.

The Sound of Markets

Ding, ding, ding is the sound most closely associated with the New York Stock Exchange. Every weekday morning that bell tone signifies the start of trading and at 4:00pm the same bell closes the exchange.

Modeling Markets as Stream Networks

The interaction of water and land as runoff moves towards larger river systems creates a dendritic drainage pattern.

Behavioral Game Theory and AI

Ever sense the Ron Howard film, A Beautiful Mind, there has been a fascination with game theory by the general public.

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App and How They Are Useful

There are two kinds of web content in this world; that which is mobile-friendly, and that which is not.