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  • Amy Howard

    Marketing Manager


    Reading (non-fiction), Knitting, Cooking, Biking, Carolina Hurricanes hockey

    Amy is an experienced social media and online media professional with a talent for writing for the web. Though she can write on any topic, she particularly enjoys writing about travel, cooking and technology.

  • Vijay Suthar

    Systems Engineer

    Vijay has over 5 years of experience in managing different types of Linux and Windows Web servers including shared, virtual private, and dedicated servers. He is also extensively experienced in hosting sites and applications on Cloud-based hosting servers, along with optimizing the database, managing code in subversions, load balancing, performance optimization, implementing CDN, data backup and recovery, and server security.

  • Michael Georgiou

    Co-Founder – Chief Marketing Officer


    Boxing, Soccer, Traveling, Reading, Spending time with family and friends

    Michael is a dynamic business professional and entrepreneurial guru with a proven success in creative strategy, online branding, project management, and communication projects in both the public and private sectors.

  • Pete Peranzo

    Co-Founder – Chief Executive Officer


    Soccer, Movies, Spending time with family and friends

    Pete is a results driven individual with over fifteen years in the IT and software industry. He is responsible for overseeing Imaginovation’s overall business strategy and direction. He offers a plethora of experience and knowledge, having worked in many domains and industries. Being heavily involved in the high level design architecture for most of the software systems built, allows Imaginovation to make use of his software usability knowledge. Pete’s background in customer support is a driving factor in the company’s long term success and reputation. He has embedded customer service into the company core culture, and feels offering a great product is not enough, fast turnaround, great communication and high quality support are keys to long term business relationships. Pete graduated from UNC Pembroke with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, and he holds MCSE certifications.

  • Jake Scarano

    Director of Video Animation


    Cartoon Animation, Video Games, Movies, Spending time with family and friends.

    Jake is a genius when it comes to anything related to digitizing pixels. His core skill-sets are graphic design and 2D animation. He founded Maxit Media video animation studio ( in 2013. Using his impressive background and incredible work ethic, he successfully built the company to be one of the premier video animation studios in Raleigh. In December 2015, Imaginovation acquired his company in an effort to expand its service offerings. Jake oversees the art and video animation teams to deliver high quality video offerings for Imaginovation’s clients.