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Results Driven Social Media Marketing

Our well-crafted social media marketing strategies achieve two very important goals for businesses: it enhances the SEO value to improve the search ranking of a website, and thereby boosts the revenue for the company. Additionally, we help position our clients as thought leaders in their niche with the help of quality content and assertive social media promotion techniques.

  • Brand Management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Social Selling
  • Unique content posts

  • Press release
  • Real-time
    informative posts
  • Promotions and
  • Lead Generation

Don’t Be Just Another Profile

It’s getting increasingly challenging for small businesses to stand out on social media, given the quality of competition as well as the number of accounts.

A professional and savvy profile will get you noticed, and this is where we come in. We don’t post for the sake of it. We pay attention to building brand persona for our clients and creating content that speaks directly to the target audience so that it is shared and celebrated on social channels.

Yours will be a unique profile that promotes top quality content and engages with influencers as well as target users. Our Raleigh marketing agency specializes in creating and executing strategically-planned social media campaigns.

We create editorial calendars, schedule smart and regular status updates and post them at times when they are most likely to gain attention.

Our process is transparent, and through web analytics you can determine the ROI of the campaign any time.

The Four I’s of Social Media
Identity. Imagination. Innovation. ____ ?

We are all about pushing the limits of possibility here at Imaginovation. So, true to our credo, we have added a fourth ingredient to the social media mix – intuition.

This is a result of observing social media trends over the years, studying the most successful accounts, conducting extensive market research, and engaging in experimentation. All of this combined has made our internet marketing agency an expert at intuitively understanding how to best leverage social media for superlative results.