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What is a Site Audit?

A site audit is a powerful tool for delving into a deeper understanding of what’s going on with your website in terms of functionality, optimization and even competition on the web.


What does a Site Audit Include?

A site audit is more than just a survey of its contents. A quality audit puts the analysis into the broader context of how it fits into what’s out there on the web. No website exists in isolation.


Investigating your competition offers a real window into what needs to be done in order to take a website to the next level and beyond. What the other guy is doing matters, and the insight that’s provided to a company through a proper audit into the tactics that another business is using gives a competitive edge that’s hard to match.


Quality keyword research and analysis helps companies to figure out if their content is actually conveying the focused ideas that they want it to. Setting the right targets to find the right audience is one of the things that a site audit is all about.


Imaginovation’s experts will help you to uncover an amalgam of 301 redirects and broken links as part of a technical errors report. Fixing these issues is a simple but effective means of funneling traffic to the places that you want it to go, enhancing user experience and optimizing your site.

The bottom line is that knowledge is power. A professional site audit will give you the critical information that you need in order to gain a deeper understanding into what you need to be doing in order to get more out of your online presence.