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What is Link Building?

Building a solid network of links from other sites to your content is akin to collecting votes for your website. To search engines, more links essentially equal more votes in the popularity contest that is the internet. Popularity is rewarded with better visibility.



White Hat Link Building vs. Black Hat Link Building

A common curiosity that companies have about methods that are used to build traffic with links centers white had vs. black hat techniques. White hat and black hat as terms are callbacks to the days of old westerns when the good guy always wore white and the bad guy always wore black.


In the world of SEO, white hat techniques are “good guy” methods that follow the rules set out by search engines to optimize content. Black hat techniques are “bad guy” tactics that are frowned upon by search engines, though they can be effective. White hat SEO focuses on creating compelling and rich content for users, where black hat SEO uses techniquesthat cheat the system. Examples of black hat methods for link building, include spamming comments or exploiting weaknesses in site security to add links to outside pages. While they might be tempting, these techniques will hurt your website in the long run.

Building a Solid Link Building Strategy

For companies that want to have long lasting success that’s free from the fear of being banned by search engines, white hat SEO is the way to go. It takes time, effort, and expertise, but it’s well worth it in terms of results and integrity.

At its heart, link building is really about building community on the internet. This includes:

Building a strong, engaged social media
Reaching out to relevant sites for guest blogging opportunities
Building a Compelling Content Library
Content Promotion

There are always opportunities for linking content, even though the process can sometimes appear overwhelming. This is one area of SEO that, while not offering immediate gratification, offers long term results.

Need help? We are in it for the long haul and will create a solid, white hat link building
strategy for your business. Contact us for more info.