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What is a Google Penalty?

If you find yourself with site traffic that’s in an inexplicable and sudden down spiral, then it may well be the case that you’ve been hit with a Google penalty. An unfortunate side effect of the heavy reliance that businesses have on mega search engine Google is that when a website is penalized for not following Google’s guidelines, the results mean lost revenue until the penalty is resolved.



How Did It Happen?

Search engines run on algorithms, complex codes that sort out the good from the bad online to create that magic that leads users to the information that they’re looking for. There are many algorithms pushing all of that content in the right direction.


Two algorithms that are important for businesses to know are called Panda and Penguin (Google names it’s algorithms after zoo animals). Panda works to push the best content to the top of the rankings, filtering out spammy kinds of pages that are filled with advertisements or generally of low quality in terms of readable content. Google wants to see content that’s targeted to users, not to search engines. Penguin is an algorithm that looks for content that violates its Google Webmaster Guidelines, techniques that are commonly referred to as “black hat” SEO. Keyword stuffing, cloaking, or duplication of content are penalized with lower rankings and potentially more serious penalties.

How Can Imaginovation Help My Business Recover
From a Google Penalty?

Website Analysis

Fixing penalties comes through website analysis, uncovering what it is that Google is finding distasteful.

Link Analysis

Determines the quality of links that connect your site to others. High quality linking can lead to high Google rankings, where low quality linking is a recipe for negative rankings. Imaginovation can help you to find out if links are a problem, and anchor text analysis can uncover whether it’s the words that are linked that are creating the issue.

Content Analysis

We dig deep into the content of your website to detect any underlying problems. Great content that Google likes to see can be tricky to get right, and it’s easy for novice web builders to fall into some of those less thank optimal methods of creating content that eventually get flagged by Google.

Google Penalty Recovery services offer an important tool for businesses who find themselves struggling to get their content optimized and who need to get back on track with the Google Overlords.

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