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Outperform Fitness

The Outperform Fitness (OPF) app turns your phone into the ultimate functional fitness tool. OPF is essential for anyone that enjoys functional fitness or is looking for a new way to workout, regardless of the programming methodology you currently follow. OPF is designed to help maximize your fitness potential by saving you time and taking the guess work out of training.

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100s to Happiness™ is designed to help individuals discover the foundation of healthy movement and breath patterns, which will open the door to a better quality of life... "Happiness"


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My Eyes Optometry

At MyEyes Optometry – Dr. Alan Byrd and Associates, we marvel at God’s precious gift of sight. We strive every day to fulfill our purpose in helping our patients enjoy this incredible gift. With five optometrists and four locations, we encounter and serve patients every day who have a variety of needs.

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What Would Happen to the Internet if Google Were to Disappear?