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Chief Executive Officer & Founder

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Chief Marketing Officer & Founder

Our Story

Michael Georgiou and Pete Peranzo started Imaginovation with an aim to help businesses achieve their true potential through innovative technology solutions.


It all started back in 2011. Michael had finished his Master’s degree in Australia and came back to the US. The Great Recession of 2008 had just ended, and the economy was still in bad shape.


During the same period, Pete was working at SaaS company, but he wanted to do something bigger, and build something of his own.


Pete and Michael met through one of their mutual friends years before, but little did they know that they would become such great friends and then 50/50 business partners.


Pete knew that there’s a hidden entrepreneur inside Michael. One day, very randomly though, Pete called Michael and asked if he wants to start a company. “Wait. What?” Michael was both excited, confused and very anxious to know Pete’s idea.


Michael always had a dream of starting his own business and put his marketing and creative skills to work. Michael was more than excited to implement Pete’s idea, but there was a hitch. None of them knew how to build a business.


Pete and Michael were determined to start a technology company helping other businesses with their websites and applications. Some of Pete’s friends, who were software developers and web developers, and also jobless at that time, were happy to join them. They were ready to work for free for a few months until Michael and Pete could close some business.


All the team members came together and decided to set up a full-service web and mobile app development company to help businesses solve their internal pain points and challenges.


They started mulling over the company name, and Michael thought a great slogan for our company would be “Imagination turns innovation,” and the name “Imaginovation” quickly popped in his mind. In fact, it was a dream Michael had the night before, so it felt like fate, to be honest.


The brand message of Imaginovation was created as a fine balance of Michael and the team’s creativity and “imagination” towards their client’s projects. The other side of “innovation” is Pete’s technical skills and expertise managing the highly talented developers who would be implementing, executing, and delivering the client projects. This amazing combination has created a customer-centric approach in providing the utmost value for their customers and building long-term trusting relationships.


This is how Imaginovation came to existence.


On a bird’s eye view, Michael and Pete started Imaginovation from NOTHING. Yes, it is a 100% organically bootstrapped company that started with a simple Craigslist ad in 2011.


Today, Imaginovation is an award-winning development company in North Carolina and recognized as a Top Local agency by leading B2B sites Clutch and UpCity. The story of Imaginovation has been featured on many top publications such as Starter Story.


Michael Georgiou, Co-Founder & CMO at Imaginovation, has been featured in publications such as Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, Foundr, and Business.com. He also hosts a storytelling podcast called Tales from the PROS, where he interviews successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders.