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  • Raleigh, NC – Imaginovation, a Raleigh-based web and mobile development firm, was awarded the 2017 Platinum AVA Digital Award for Website Home Page Design. The Imaginovation homepage stood out from the competition with a beautiful CSS front-end design in addition to a video demonstrating the services the company offers.

    The Imaginovation design and development team creates websites and applications for a variety of businesses, so they are well-versed in what makes for a pleasant user experience on the web.

    “We are so excited to win the Platinum AVA Digital Award.” said Michael Georgiou, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Imaginovation. “We like to put our best foot forward no matter what we do, and our online presence is no exception. We take great pride in our website and are happy to be acknowledged by AVA Digital for our hard work.”

    The AVA Digital Awards pays tribute to the evolution of digital arts. The awards started in 1994 as a way to celebrate audio-visual arts. Today, there are 227 categories ranging from video, social, interactive media, and more. The awards help give recognition to the amazing work companies do and how they engage with their customers.

    About Imaginovation, LLC

    Imaginovation was founded in 2011 in Raleigh, NC by Pete Peranzo and Michael Georgiou as a web design and development agency. It has since grown to become a full-fledged digital marketing firm offering a wide variety of content solutions, ranging from the traditional to digital.