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Gamification in Education
Aug 17 2020

Super Mario Bros, Pokemon Go, Game of Thrones, Candy Crush, and the list goes on. Ah, that feeling of beating…

Workflow automation app features
Aug 12 2020

Did you know that the global market size of workflow automation software is expected to grow to $9.87 bn by…

Raleigh Web Design Stats 2020
Aug 07 2020

When you get your facts right, you get to understand your audience better! And, it seems that businesses in Raleigh…

Progressive Web App Development
Jul 30 2020

Progressive web apps (PWAs) mark an exciting era in delivering user experience. They promise a bevy of functionalities and benefits,…

Healthcare SaaS Trends
Jul 22 2020

The future of healthcare looks promising with emerging SaaS trends and technologies. With growing cases of chronic illness, the healthcare…

Author : Pete Peranzo
Customer-centric website design
Jul 03 2020

A consumer-centric website helps in fostering loyal customers. It’s time businesses should shift from hard-selling to building customer-focused culture. Why?…

Custom Business Dashboard
Jun 26 2020

C-Suite leaders love business dashboards. You get a single-screen snapshot of your operational processes, key performance indicators (KPIs), and strategic…

Enterprise Web App Features
May 14 2020

You might be thinking about taking your business to the next levels with a custom web application. But, have you…

Author : Pete Peranzo