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AR in logistics
Sep 30 2020

Augmented Reality has been around for quite some time now. From science fiction TV shows to games such as Pokémon…

Voice tech in ecommerce
Sep 28 2020

Voice Technology is fast becoming an indispensable part of our modern-day lives. Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana, they all…

Workflow Automation
Sep 16 2020

Workflow automation software can be an absolute game-changer for businesses.  Most business owners look for scores of apps to boost…

Legacy Systems
Sep 15 2020

In most situations, inheriting a legacy is a good thing, but not in IT. If I were to receive a…

Digital Transformation in Healthcare (1)
Jun 18 2020

The rising real-time healthcare challenges today are disquieting. What can you, as a healthcare provider, do about these issues? You…

Author : Pete Peranzo
Coronavirus Scare
Mar 19 2020

The threat of coronavirus is looming worldwide. Already declared as a pandemic, COVID-19 has hit many countries, including the United…

What is Digital Transformation
Mar 04 2020

Digital Transformation is not just a buzzword. It’s an essential topic for businesses around the globe and a pick of…

Author : Pete Peranzo
Construction technology trends
Feb 17 2020

Accelerations in technology are introducing an extensive digital transformation in the construction industry. Today, there are numerous examples of how…