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How Do You Know If Your SaaS Application Concept will be Profitable_
Sep 26 2019

So you’ve got an incredible SaaS idea and it’s keeping you up all night. But isn’t it smart to know…

MVP Funding
Aug 26 2019

“How do I get funding for my startup?” is one of the most common questions that crosses every entrepreneur’s mind….

Healthcare Tech Partnership
Jun 13 2019

The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly with the introduction of new technologies. AI, robotics, IoT, and other emerging technologies are…

Why Funded Startups Should Be Innovating
May 30 2019

Innovation, Disruption, and Startups are in synonymous with each other. When we talk about startups, we naturally start thinking about…

evolution of money & electronic payments, mobile payments and future methods
May 14 2018

You might not think twice about swiping a piece of plastic to pay for your groceries, but your parents were…

Author : Pete Peranzo