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Financial management software development
May 22 2020

The global financial management software market is poised to witness a promising growth. With the rapidly changing international markets affected…

SaaS security checklist
Nov 26 2019

Do you relate to any of the following statements? SaaS is an excellent choice for my business, but I am…

Legacy Modernization
Jul 04 2019

Legacy systems need modernization from time to time. Just think of it, there’s a reason why your current computer uses…

Workflow Automation
Feb 05 2020

Workflow Automation is a key to the success of every business. It’s the ultimate solution to all those time-consuming and…

augmented reality apps for businesses
Oct 23 2018

Augmented Reality, or AR, is something you keep hearing. Many large enterprises are already using AR services or apps for…

Author : Pete Peranzo
Role of software architecture in achieving zero downtime
Sep 24 2018

Nothing feels quite like the frustration of your essential program breaking at (usually) a critical time. While failure is just…

5 Web Development Lessons from Clay Shooting game
Sep 17 2018

Developing software and websites is a challenge, even for the best teams. Even if you have a team who can…

Author : Pete Peranzo