Category: Mobile App Development

Apple App Store Fees Cut
Nov 27 2020

In the last few months, Apple faced criticism for charging a 30 percent commission rate on app submissions. Now, the…

Offline App Development
Nov 20 2020

Today, the offline mode has become one of the must-have functionalities of mobile applications.  You see, with mobile apps, user…

Author : Pete Peranzo
Fitness App development
Nov 18 2020

It’s a brilliant time to run a fitness app-based business. Not only is this category witnessing tremendous growth, but also…

5G launch in raleigh
Nov 12 2020

The world’s fastest 5G has launched in Raleigh and businesses are already excited about leveraging this new tech wave.  It…

Womens Health App Development
Nov 02 2020

How to Develop a Women’s Health Tracking app? It is exciting to see a surge in the number of mobile…

Oct 26 2020

Over 4.52 million apps are available in Apple’s App Store, and Google’s Play Store put together, not to mention another…

Author : Pete Peranzo
MVP App Examples
Oct 22 2020

It’s a great feeling when you have a brilliant business idea. You can’t wait to transform your idea into a…

Android VS Ios
Oct 16 2020

Developing the first mobile app for your business can be an exciting endeavor. Google Android and Apple iOS are two…