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Digital Transformation Success Stories for C-Suite Leaders
Aug 13 2021

Digital transformation is key to the success of any organization. From improving the internal team’s productivity to creating incredible customer…

Digital Transformation leader qualities
May 28 2021

When it comes to digital transformation (DX), a qualified and effective leadership can fast-track business success.  The role of the…

CTO Goals
Mar 03 2021

Setting concrete goals is key to making a strategic plan of actions. As a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), your goals…

How to Create an IT Budget in 2021_
Feb 22 2021

Budgeting can conjure different images for different c-suite leaders. It can be a successful image for one, while it can…

8 Ways AR is Reshaping the Future of Education & Training
Feb 02 2021

The use of Augmented Reality (AR) is fast changing the possibilities within education and training.  AR enhances the learning experience…

Author : Pete Peranzo
App Redesign Explained with Examples
Jan 25 2021

There are many reasons why companies redesign their apps. It can be due to an outdated design or the vendor…

How to manage remote teams
Dec 16 2020

Do you have team members working from different locations? And, are you looking for ways to manage your remote team…

sales ai tools: use of artificial intelligence in sales
Oct 29 2018

Why Use Artificial Intelligence in Sales and Marketing Want more sales? Of course you do. Every company in the world…

Author : Pete Peranzo