Category: AI

Predictive Analytics in Healthcare
Apr 09 2020

Over the decades, we’ve used regression models, Monte Carlo simulations, and more for predicting myriad scenarios. Today, with predictive analytics,…

Voice Technology in Healthcare
Jul 10 2019

Voice tech is a hot topic. The popularity of voice-activated devices or smart speakers is on the rise since 2014…

AI in Education
Dec 17 2019

Artificial intelligence has taken the world around us by storm, and like all things in the 21st century, it has…

AI in Banking
Dec 04 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a behemoth in the banking and financial services sector. The field of artificial intelligence has…

AI in Renewable Energy
Jun 20 2019

So, we all know that renewable energies like solar power are the need of the time. But, how does Artificial…

Apr 19 2019

AI for Small Business The AI revolution is real. As global companies have already started using artificial intelligence, many small…

software beyond skeuomorphism
Aug 31 2018

For years, software has automated tasks we already do. Once upon a time, people taped together sheets of paper with…

Author : Pete Peranzo