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The Client

Places for Faces is the brainchild of designer and illustrator Vicky Barone. After having created cupcake toppers for her kids’ birthday parties, she realized that customized faces could add an element of fun to milestone events such as birthdays, weddings and baby showers.


Originally, the client created toppers and other printable images with people’s faces using fun stickers that utilized different graphic
design products. But, doing this required technical expertise, something that not every user necessarily had.

Project Description

The client wanted to enable people to design their own toppers and other fun printable images or their events, and approached us at Imaginovation, to create a user-friendly Web application for them. The system needed to allow users to upload an image, crop a face from that image, add fun stickers and use it as a topper on desserts, custom thank-you notes, invites, custom gift tags for favors, as well as many other additional features.


One feature needed to allow the creation of customized faces and the ability touse them in multiple templates, which could then be downloaded and printed an endless number of times.


(but we’re always open to suggestions if you have any!)


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  • The main challenge was to create two separate versions of the Web application, one for desktops and the other for mobile phones.
  • The cropped faces needed to be high in resolution so that they could be decorated with stickers on devices having different screen sizes, without getting pixelated in the process.
  • It was important to crop and merge the stickers accurately with the cropped face(s).
  • There was also the challenge of creating a very user friendly Web application with a very complex feature set.
  • challenge-step1
  • challenge-step2
  • challenge-step3
  • challenge-step4
  • pff-mobile
  • pff-mobile-inner

The Solution

  • Our team of expert developers and designers made sure that the Web application was responsive and compatible with different devices. To achieve this goal, they worked twice as hard to two different code bases – one for the desktop, and the other for the mobile version of the Web application but kept the core routines in a set of shared modules in all possible cases for maximum code reuse.
  • The development and design team gave users the option of uploading high-resolution images of up to 10 MB to ensure that the cropped faces do not get pixelated. This size option is also configurable via the backend of the system.
  • To ensure that the cropping and merging of the stickers take place flawlessly on the cropped faces, the development team integrated the GD (Graphics Draw) library for a perfect final output.


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Native JavaScript
    Core coding
  • jQuery & jQuery UI Touch
    Punch for touch-enabled
    Mobile Devices
  • bxSlider
  • Modernizr
  • Typekit
  • Font Awesome
  • GeoTrust SSL
  • Paypal Payment
    Gateway Integration
  • Adobe
  • Adobe
  • Adobe


  • The team of developers and UI/UX designers made sure that the Web application had an intuitive, simple-to-use interface. This meant that the fun value remained intact for users, which is what they were looking for.
  • The versatile cropping functionality made it easy for people to place orders without taking much time. This simplified order processing for the client.
  • The simple uploading functionality also made them upload more photos and quotes, thereby increasing the actual number of orders.
  • The application made it easy for the client to keep adding new quotes and new ways to use photos, so that the breadth of usage kept widening with time.