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The client specializes in planning vacations for tourists who want to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of Italy. The objective is to make travel a seamless, hassle-free and enjoyable experience for travelers. Over the years, the client has built a reputation for organizing the best and most exclusive tours of Italy.

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In a bid to encourage strategic growth by optimizing internal operations, the client wanted a Web application as well as a mobile app for iOS and Android that included full control of the tour planning process and the ability to push itineraries to their customers’ mobile devices. This mobile app would also serve as a customer service tool in order to facilitate hassle-free travel.

Client Facing

Exclusively Italy User Panel
  • A complete Web-based itinerary management system that allows the client to plan a tour per the needs of the customer.
  • The client wanted to add events, places to visit, customer details and relevant documents related to the trip such as hotel brochures and restaurant menus. The client also wanted features that would include the names and contact info of tour contacts as well as a notification system that would push information such as a change in itinerary to the traveler’s mobile device.
  • The client works with agents spread across multiple countries and wanted a system that included agent data and contact info. They also wanted to give agents access to this Web-based system via a password. The agents could look at the tour itinerary created by the client and suggest changes.
  • Finally, the client wanted to ensure that upon finalization of the itinerary, a customer ID could be created to allow the customer to access to their itinerary with all the details on his/her iOS or Android device. These itineraries could also be duplicated and generated in PDF format.

Customer Facing

  • The client wanted customers to see the complete itinerary on their mobile phones with details of the designated contacts. The app also needed to have a chat function to allow customers to interact with a travel executive on the client’s end.
  • One of the key deliverables the client wanted from the mobile app was to get rid of the middlemen and connect with customers directly. This would allow the client to quickly respond to customer queries and enhance their travel experience. At the same time, this would also help the client take better control of their business operations.
Exclusively Italy User Interface


  • The biggest challenge was to understand the workflow from the PDF shared by the client. We had to convert the PDF into a fully functional mobile app with a Web-based backend.
  • The client wasn’t tech-savvy and therefore wanted a simple, interactive and intuitive Web -based admin panel that could be easily understood and operated. While the functional aspects of the app are fairly complex, we needed to deliver easy to learn features.
  • The client was also particular about the design and navigation of the app and the Web-based system. The focus had to be on simplicity, yet maintaining the kind of visual appeal that aligned with the client’s brand and business.
  • The client wanted a functionality for agents to view itineraries and make suggestions.
  • The client wanted to automate the process of planning a trip and do away with hard copies of documents. The challenge was to logically automate key manual processes and still ensure the client could easily control or make changes to this process.
  • One of the biggest challenges was to make sure the customers could easily use the app on the go and access key travel information quickly. The customers also needed to receive push notifications sent by the client. We had to integrate a chat function within the app that allowed them to get immediate assistance.<>

The Solution

Exclusively Italy Admin Interface
  • Our team of developers evaluated and analyzed each and every aspect of the client’s requirements to covert the PDF document into a working system. We collaborated with the client at every stage of development, which meant the end product perfectly met client’s needs and requirements.
  • Our design team ensured that the functional complexity of the app didn’t come through on the design of the user interface. They focused on simplifying interface design. The designers and developers worked in perfect tandem to ensure that the design objectives didn’t curtail development in any way or vice versa.
  • We made sure that the Web application allows the client’s agents to view complete itineraries and suggest changes.
  • We created the most comprehensive trip planning and organization solution possible. This enables the client to maximize business potential by improving operational management and enhancing customer service


  • iOS 8.0
  • Objective C
  • Java
  • JSON Parsing
  • SQLite Database
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • css3
  • html5
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap