Scavenger Behavior


Scavenger Behavior is the mobile app for on-the-go food truck services by location. It is a mobile app that allows you to Find/Locate/Explore/Book your favorite food truck genres with an interactive map that allows you to find and order on the go with over 200 food trucks and counting.

What the Client Said

"Imaginovation doesn’t sell dreams, they build them"

- Max Hinton

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The Problem

The customer came to us after years of working on an app with another vendor with no success. After a large investment, the old vendor provided no guidance and built an unusable, unfinished product.

We did discovery with the client and he liked timely, straightforward, and affordable proposal. We provided personal attention to the client’s needs and exceeded his expectations in the discovery process.


We first began by analyzing the existing application. After our analysis, we determined that we will need to build the app from scratch and redesign it at its core.

We always recommend designing apps with simplicity in mind. We like to keep the features very simple and straightforward for the initial release of any app in what’s called the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We advised our client on the best and highest yielding features for the initial launch and designed the system to achieve the core business goals and goals of the user.

We originally estimated the project to take roughly 4 months after all said and done to go live. We ended up completing the project and launching in 3 months.

Technologies Used







The Solution

We wanted to go to the market very quickly due to the length of time lost during the process with the old vendor. We broke the application down to the core modules where people could order from food trucks, food trucks get their money straight into their bank account, and the client gets his cut of the transaction to generate revenue for the business.

The Result

It allowed them to get to market and start generating revenue for their business. We launched the foundation of the app which allows us to easily add on features as the customer receives feedback from users.

Our application allows Food Trucks to take on more orders and reduce their staff by taking orders through the app.

3000% increase in user growth within the first month of launching the app.

100% increase in revenue growth within the first month of launching the app.