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Client Expectations

Mental health professionals have long found themselves deluged with paperwork including patient records and compliance with legal requirements, all requiring discretion. This iOS and Android app needed to give mental health practitioners a secure and intuitive program that could free them from handwritten notes in a filing cabinet. The app needed to allow users to save time, stay organized, and track a patient’s information all in one HIPPA-compliant secure location. In addition, the practitioner required the ability to export notes to a password-protected PDF document. Finally, the app needed a three-tiered subscription that supports monthly, quarterly or annual payments to generate recurring revenue.

Psychscribe Application

We designed the application so that all features in the app were apparent and intuitive for non-technical users. We developed the ability for a practitioner to create a patient and then track all types of patient history. The interface needed to be secure, clean, and have rapid loading times to prevent frustration.

Unique Outcome

We created a HIPPA-compliant app that supports hundreds of users creating many patient records. The app can track developmental history, treatment plans, session notes, and prescriptions per patient. Users can upload documentation and export information to a secure PDF. The app’s custom admin portal website enables the owner to view and administer user accounts and subscriptions and gather reports.

About Psychscribe
Technologies Used
PHP & Laravel Technology
android & Java Technology

Our timeline was created to ensure the client’s user base — several psychologists and psychiatrists — were satisfied that the app provided the features they needed. We engaged with the client to get this feedback and incorporate those changes so the app would be fully ready when we deployed.

Mobile First Development
Mobile first development (Admin panel/portal)
Sleek and Modern Branding
Sleek and modern branding.
User Interface Research
User interface research