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Client Expectations

We want nothing but the best for our clients. When expectations are set, we strive to ensure we fulfill them. In this case, our client expected an easy-to-navigate user interface and pleasant experience. The layout needed to be elegant, making it easy to locate all of the system’s features and seamlessly switch between actions. The system also had to perform smoothly despite large amounts of data.


Our strategy for this system redesign was to first verify that all of the moving pieces were in the correct place. Active collaboration with the project stakeholders during the design stages allowed us to flesh out your vision and bring the idea to life.

Unique Outcome

We provided a sleek user interface focused first on performance. We used AngularJS to create a single-page application that has sharp navigation and swift page load speeds. We served the data over a REST API via NodeJS on the backend, which integrated with PostgreSQL as our database. The result was a system with a complete suite of features and interactive components.

User Interface
Technologies Used

We used AngularJS on the frontend along with Bootstrap as our CSS library. The data was served using NodeJS to build the backend APIs, which connected with PostgreSQL as the database. Microservices were written in Golang which include a print service and an email service. Everything was deployed using AWS’ Elastic Beanstalk, and the database is hosted on AWS RDS.

Angular.js Technology
Bootstrap Technology
Node.js Technology
PostgreSQL Technology
Go Language Technology
Elastic Beanstalk Technology
Amazon Relational Database Technology

To meet deadlines, we organized a timeline from the start and constantly communicated with all project stakeholders. Our team provided demonstrations of the project after each two-week sprint to keep the client apprised of progress.

Strategy and Planning
Strategy and planning
UI/UX design
UI/UX design
Responsive Mobile first design
Responsive/ Mobile first design
Web app development
Web app development
Database development and migration
Database development and migration
Hosting/Deployment with Continuous Integration
4K video
Custom 4K video