Problem Screen

Most employees can tell you meetings are frustrating and a waste of time. Yet in-person and voice/video communication remains vital for moving things forward. We can’t discuss everything via chat services, after all.

The Problem

Imaginovation wanted a way to determine which meetings are effective so we can find ways to be more efficient and take up less valuable time from our hardworking team members.

The Solution

We created an app called Imagin.Meeting that determines the topics covered in a meeting and whether the meeting was productive. We first introduced this program at the NC Tech Conference on AI. During meetings, participants call into a central phone number so the system can record the discussion. IBM Watson analyzes the resulting audio and converts it to text. The text is processed by our Game Theory Algorithm and Bayes Analysis to complete the process.

Solution Screen

The team can log in and review the transcript and pie chart to determine whether the meeting achieved its goals. In addition, the resulting transcript and analysis are available in a searchable database, making it easy for team members to find records of discussion about a particular topic.

Technologies Used