GLOCON is an iOS mobile application that links shoppers to merchants. The GLOCON shopping app is powered by customer membership subscriptions available or downloadable via the Apple store.  Shoppers can use GLOCON to buy products from any store in the US without visiting the store in person. 
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The Problem

The client wanted to develop a seamless digital shopping experience where users can view and purchase retail items from any store in the US. He wanted to create an online platform that provides a private, real-time shopping experience to the shoppers. 

The client was looking for a reliable mobile app development company that had in-depth experience in developing e-commerce applications. 


We recommended the client go with a simple design that can lead to an elegant user experience. At Imaginovation, we believe that online shopping applications should offer a simple yet unique buying experience to the end-users.

After the initial meetings with the client, we created a complete roadmap for the project. We started with wireframe designs and had meetings with clients to explain the customer journey throughout different screens.

We were able to make the app live on the Apple App Store within about eight months.  

Technologies Used







The Solution

Our team worked with the client in designing and developing unique features and functionalities. The GLOCON app is built with flexibility and convenience in mind.

We built a platform where individual stores from across the US can register and become merchants on GLOCON app. Shoppers can get monthly or annual memberships to use the platform for shopping. In case the customers need any help, they can talk to a live assistant who is available at the actual store location, from within the app.

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