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Dun Today is an on-demand solution for Home Builders, Home Warranty Companies, Professional Services Companies, and Home Owners to connect in real time

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The Problem

We were faced with the task of creating an application that would contain the full process of home warranty requests. This process includes interaction between multiple user types ranging from the home builder down to the homeowner and everyone in between. This app was designed to help speed up and simplify the process of getting warranty work done on the homeowner users home while helping enable contractor and builder companies run their business with ease.

Dun Today Solution
The Solution

We created an application that has simple UI that is easy for every user to understand. We did not want to create anything too complex as we understand the user base of this application may not be extremely technical. The core functionality of the application includes a list of appliances and components available that a homeowner user can request a service on. If the appliance or component is in warranty, the job request will be sent to their builder or whoever the builder has assigned to that home. If the appliance or component is out of warranty, the system will prompt the user to send the job to an out of warranty service provider that is skilled in that particular field of work via a map system. There is also a very comprehensive admin panel that has the ability to view and edit all users in the system as well as a high functioning reporting system.


We started by researching to understand how the home building and home service world works. From their we could better understand what the client wanted from the application. We then worked closely with the client to create an application that would be way ahead of the game when it was launched in order to beat out any competition that would follow.

Technologies Used
android & Java Technology
Swift Technology
Go Language Technology
Angular.js Technology
Amazon Relational Database Technology