Problem Screen

The Problem

The Internet is full of information. Some of it is useful, but not all of it is true. As our team researches new technologies, we seek out the highest quality information. But how can we determine the value of what we find?


Imaginovation’s team members architected and developed an app called Imagin.Meetings to help our team authenticate articles faster.

The Solution

Users enter the URL of an article, and the system performs a complex analysis, comparing the text to known factual documents. The system uses that information to determine how likely it is the article’s content is genuine.

People with less technical knowledge can find articles and send them to our development team as they learn and maintain knowledge of best practices. While this is an internal proof of concept, the technology behind it can be used for a number of client situations, such as Including heavy use of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence from IBM Watson. – need more on what that means.

Technologies Used