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When properties automate tennant communications, they rely upon technology by Imaginovation. Despite the complex details of turning ideas to realty, providing what is needed by the client is our true passion.

Interactive Design

This property management automation tool has to support real-time communication, news, tennant driven repair requests, and payments while presenting multiple branding capabilities. To accomplish this, the design team created a clean and intuitive interface proven useful by a wide age group.

Project Planning
Project Planning

When planning for real-time applications, many issues arise that must be solved within the planning stage. We architected a distribution backend with micro-services to handle the immense user demands.


Included with the iOS and Android application is a complete management portal and backend API used to provide the sophisticated features in a very simple manor. This includes a geographically distributed persistent storage mechanism and content delivery system.

PHP & Laravel Technology
android & Java Technology
Swift Technology
Spotify Technology