Agile is a method of accomplishing work often used by software and development teams. Teams work in two-week sprints, during which they focus on a specific set of tasks. The Agile approach prioritizes requirements based on risk, automates tests to increase efficiency, and focuses on adapting as the project moves.

Problem Screen

The Problem

A few years ago, Philippe Kruchten made a game called Mission to Mars to teach Agile principles inside of his consulting practice. While this simple board game is a brilliant concept, our team members respond better to innovative experiences.

The Solution

To strengthen the learning capabilities from the game, Imaginovation has transformed it into an Augmented Reality experience. Using an AR Headset such as the Meta, users dive into an augmented world. With each scenario, the viewer sees graphical representations overlaid on the game board. The board comes alive with every roll of the dice and feels to most like being part of a movie.

We found this game highly useful when teaching Agile to new team members. We hope the technology can be used for future exciting client projects within entertainment and education industries.

Technologies Used