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    Giving Back in North Carolina: SPCA of Wake County Video | Imaginovation
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    At Imaginovation, we recognize that the services we offer have an impact on the ability of organizations to reach a wider audience.  Website optimization, video, animation and the other turn-key solutions that Imaginovation provides are vital for success in the digital marketplace. The services we provide can be transformative for non-profit groups in North Carolina, but these are also services that aren’t always within their budget.

    On Giving Tuesday, we reached out to non-profit groups to offer free video services to help support their work in the Triangle. We had several amazing entries, but the clear winner was the SPCA of Wake County. They were chosen for their tireless commitment to the precious animals residing in Wake County.

    What is the SPCA of Wake County?

    The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Wake County is a non-profit shelter that rehomes nearly 3,500 animals each year. Their mission is to improve the humane treatment of animals in our community.

    The goals of the SPCA can be more adequately understood by breaking their mission down:

    • Protect, shelter and promote the adoption of homeless animals.
    • Provide education about responsible pet ownership.
    • Reduce pet overpopulation through spay/neuter programs.

    Accomplishing that mission means opening and maintaining physical facilities in order to forward these goals. The SPCA Holding Center was built in 1971 and is located in Garner. By appointment only, it accepts animals from those who can no longer care for them. In addition to public referral of animals, the SPCA of Wake County takes in animals from the Wake County Animal Shelter. This ability to mitigate intake allows the SPCA to prevent useless euthanasia of adoptable animals. The second facility that the SPCA owns and maintains is the SPCA Curtis Dail Pet Adoption Center. Located in Raleigh, this facility provides public education, pet adoption and pet supply retail. Next door to the Adoption Center is the veterinarian run Saving Lives Spay/Neuter Clinic, which provides sterilization for animals from the shelter and the general public.

    The no-kill shelter model of the SPCA of Wake County is something that everyone can get behind. Partnering with over 1,300 volunteers and foster families each year, animals are readied for adoption and placed in the highest quality homes available. In addition, the SPCA of Wake County provides pet food to low income individuals and homebound seniors through their AniMeals program. This important service prevents animals having to be surrendered and potentially euthanized.

    This local, independent non-profit gets no government funding whatsoever. That means private donations make up almost every penny of their annual operating budget of three million dollars.

    Telling their story

    When working with any group, our creative team recognizes that it’s their impetus that makes things happen – we are only here to facilitate the communication of their vision. The team at the SPCA of Wake County wanted to showcase the process that the animals through when they are admitted into their facility so that the citizens of Wake County are more aware of what the animals go through before they are adopted.

    We are grateful to the SPCA of Wake County for the important work that they do for the good of our community. The impact of this non-profit is felt throughout the Triangle.  Our thanks to everyone at the SPCA of Wake County for allowing us the opportunity to contribute our talents.

    We hope to participate in Giving Tuesday in 2017 as well. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to keep up with our efforts to give back to the community!

    Mike Georgiou

    About Mike Georgiou

    Michael is a dynamic business professional with proven success in creative strategy, digital marketing and project management, in both the public and private sectors. He drives Imaginovation’s rapid business growth in marketing and sales owing to his multifaceted and versatile experience in numerous industry verticals. Michael holds an international Master’s degree in Business Communications Marketing from Bond University in Australia and a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Marketing from UNC Pembroke.