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2016 - Imaginovation - Request Quote From Contact Us Page

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    Predicting what’s going to be trending is tricky business – there is no such thing as a crystal ball in content marketing. While we can’t know for sure what’s coming, we can certainly make educated guesses as to what’s on the horizon in 2017 to give us a guide for our content.  There are some big things already on the calendar!

    Even topics that aren’t directly related to your business can be leveraged to take advantage of the trending nature of the conversation. We leveraged the 2016 election to write blogs on social media and technology. Be creative with the way that you engage readers about what’s going on and you’ll reap the rewards of higher readership.

    Here are twelve topics that will definitely be trending in 2017.

    January 20th – Inauguration

    It seems that the presidency has been a trending topic for a year and a half now, and it shows no sign of slowing in 2017. The inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump will be everywhere before, during, and after the 20th. Massive protests have been organized for the weekend following the big day, so there’s even more to talk about than just the event itself. Of course this is a topic that’s set to keep trending all year long.

    Imaginovation - 12 Trending Topics to Boost Your Content Game in 2017 - Inauguration

    January 29th – NHL All Star Weekend

    The Staples Center in LA is this year’s home for NHL All Star Weekend. 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the NHL, and the All Star Game will include the top players in the league showing off their skills and celebrating the sport.

    Imaginovation - 12 Trending Topics to Boost Your Content Game in 2017 - NHL all star weekend

    February 5th – Super Bowl Sunday

    Houston, Texas will host the biggest sporting event of the year in early February. Neither of the teams that played in last year’s big game are in the hunt this year, so look for a whole new set of faces at kickoff. Lady Gaga is set to sing perform at halftime, and everyone will be listening in and watching to see what she does in front of this massive crowd.


    March 2017 – Nintendo Launches Switch

    It’s been five years since beloved gaming company Nintendo released the WiiU, a console that did only so-so in terms of sales and enthusiasm. The new console will be revolutionary in that it attaches to a screen or can be used as a portable gaming system. March will bring the launch of the console that could save Mario and it’ll be a major trending topic this spring.

    Imaginovation - 12 Trending Topics to Boost Your Content Game in 2017 - nintendo switch

    April 18th – F8 Conference

    This nearly annual event is Facebook’s major gathering point to talk with developers and entrepreneurs about what’s next in social media. With breakout sessions and major announcements, the F8 Conference in San Francisco is a major topic of conversation every year that it happens. If you can’t attend yourself, you can still write about it!


    April 30th – National Small Business Week

    The U.S. Small Business Association promotes National Small Business Week each year, and it’s a great opportunity to get out in front on content. People will be talking about entrepreneurship, innovation, and how small businesses are drivers of economic growth. This is a perfect time to leverage that conversation to grow your online audience.

    Imaginovation - 12 Trending Topics to Boost Your Content Game in 2017 - natonal small business week

    May 25th-28th – Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco

    2017 is the 75th running of the grand Prix in Monaco, and expect this to be a big trending topic in sports during this time of year. Everyone loves fast cars! This event of course takes place in Europe, but it’s a topic that will definitely be trending around the world.

    Imaginovation - 12 Trending Topics to Boost Your Content Game in 2017 - formula 1

    August 21st – Great American Total Eclipse

    This is the first time since 1979 that a total eclipse of the sun will be visible from the mainland United States. It’s expected to be the most viewed and most talked about total solar eclipse in history, and the trending nature of this one will be massive.  Pinterest and other social media will be brimming with how-tos and safety information, and work on the 21st will be nearly non-existent for a Monday as everyone steps outside to see the celestial happening.

    Imaginovation - 12 Trending Topics to Boost Your Content Game in 2017 - great american total eclipse

    September 15th – Saturn Probe Crash

    Another big space event that will be much talked about this year is the intentional crash of the Cassini space probe into the planet Saturn. After 13 years of observation, humans will leave our space trash on this ringed planet.

    Imaginovation - 12 Trending Topics to Boost Your Content Game in 2017 - saturn probe crash

    September – iPhone 8 Launch

    We don’t know an exact date on this one, but the new iPhone launch is almost always in September. 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, so expect there to be some serious hullabaloo surrounding it. This year there’s a lot of talk about big changes coming for the iPhone, and the online conversation surrounding it is sure to be intense.  No one knows exactly what’s coming, but whatever it is will surely be worth talking about – for good or for ill.

    Imaginovation - 12 Trending Topics to Boost Your Content Game in 2017 - iphone 8

    November 7th – Election Day

    Though this year’s election might seem like small news compared to 2016 – there will be only 5 seats in Congress and two governorships on the ballot – in North Carolina it will be a big year. Thanks to a federal order, at least 28 districts will vote in NC due to redrawn districting, and everyone is going to be talking about it in the Old North State. Look for this topic to trend nationally and locally.

    Imaginovation - 12 Trending Topics to Boost Your Content Game in 2017 - election day

    December 15th – Star Wars Episode VIII

    Movies are going to be huge trending topics in 2017, with releases like the much-anticipated live action Beauty and the Beast, Blade Runner 2049, IT, Spider Man: Homecoming, Wonder Woman, Cars 3, and on and on. But there’s no doubt that the biggest movie of the year will come near the end with Star Wars Episode VIII. Carrie Fisher finished filming what will unfortunately be her final turn as Leia before she passed away unexpectedly, and everyone will be lined up to see her on the big screen one last time.

    Imaginovation - 12 Trending Topics to Boost Your Content Game in 2017 - star wars

    What are the trending topics that you’re expecting to break the internet in 2017? Need help getting your content marketing game to the next level? Contact us!


    Mike Georgiou

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    Michael is a dynamic business professional with proven success in creative strategy, digital marketing and project management, in both the public and private sectors. He drives Imaginovation’s rapid business growth in marketing and sales owing to his multifaceted and versatile experience in numerous industry verticals. Michael holds an international Master’s degree in Business Communications Marketing from Bond University in Australia and a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Marketing from UNC Pembroke.