11 Must-Follow Blogs for Small Businesses

Oct 2016
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Author : Pete Peranzo

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We live in a wonderful era where people believe in sharing their experiences and expertise for the greater good of humanity. Technology and the open nature of the internet has clearly had its influence on the nature of small business and marketing.

We have become a society of sharers!

Small businesses backing each other up? That would have been unheard of until just a decade ago, but now you see it everywhere. There is nothing you cannot learn on the internet.

If you’re on this path or thinking of undertaking an entrepreneurial journey, here is a list of blogs you absolutely must subscribe to.

You’ll learn of the new trends in the world of business, digital marketing success and failure stories of your fellow entrepreneurs, as well as what the latest research says when it comes to managing people.

So here they are, in no particular order.


The obvious starting point for those who love all things business. Because of the high editorial standards of this blog, only the best of the best articles make it. Because it is such a popular and authoritative blog, you can count on getting good advice here every time.

The articles are relatively short and punchy, because the editors force authors to distil their thoughts down to around 600 words on average to give the readers precise insights. There’s no fluff here, and you leave the blog feeling richer for what you’ve read.

Some of the popular reads:



Technology is the defining force of this era, so regardless of your personal preferences and/or aversion to tech, a smart business owner must remain in the know about what is happening in this field to remain competitive.

Besides, a number of startups are tech-based, and TechCrunch is about more than just technology. The blog has an entire section dedicated to startups, with plenty of resources that could be of great use to entrepreneurs. There’s a section on social, too, which again is of great relevance to small businesses. They are also on top of developments in this field, so it’s a good idea to subscribe to their Twitter feed.

Some of the recent popular reads:

Fast Company

This is another place that attracts sharp minds from all over the globe. They describe themselves as inspiring a “new breed of innovative and creative thought leaders who are actively inventing the future of business.”

Sounds good enough? Browse through their various sections the next time you feel stuck for inspiration or ideas. It’s not just biz talk, it’s biz talk with a creative twist.

Some of the popular reads:



While this is a news blog primarily, they also have sections dedicated to social and business, both of which we can’t recommend highly enough.

Learn what the big companies are up to with social to inform your own marketing campaigns.

A few helpful reads:


Small Business Trends

Everything related to small businesses – whether it is actionable advice, news, trends, support, resources or simply inspiration. All aspects of business are covered here – from starting out, to marketing, to drawing out employment agreements.

Digging through this blog you will be amazed at what you find. They even have a resource center full of checklists and templates to help new business owners.

Some of the recent popular reads:

Microsoft SMB Blog

This is a surprisingly rich place for small businesses. The information is top-notch, the resources useful, and most importantly, they have a thriving community of small and mid-sized business owners that share their problems, solutions, and experiences. They have experts on board to dispense reliable advice, too.

Any new entrepreneur would benefit greatly from becoming a part of this community.

Being a Microsoft-owned blog, there is support for Windows-related problems, too. Let’s face it, we have all been frustrated by Outlook or Excel at some point. The next time you need assistance of that kind, feel free to check out this blog.


A highly engaging, quirky, and unique take on business. This blog is full of videos that give out great advice, plus interviews with experts in their fields. The vibe is super positive and they have a dedicated community of followers who love to engage and share. The message here is that business doesn’t have to be boring, and that you can reap greater success by expanding your vision instead of focusing on personal profits alone.

The founder Marie Forleo understands the human behind any entrepreneur. She speaks to us in a manner that helps us overcome our personal struggles so that we are able to get out of our own way and create something worthwhile through our businesses. The followership is predominantly female, but there’s plenty here for men, too.

A few of the many inspiring videos on her blog:


Huffington Post

HuffPo covers so much, practically everything under the sun, so you will have to find the material that is directly relevant to you. That shouldn’t be a problem because they have sections dedicated to business and technology and on top of the news related to these sectors, they also attract the finest business writers.

You can even start publishing articles with Huff Po in order to create brand awareness and establish yourself as a voice of credibility and authority in your niche.


Harvard Business Review

We are getting all academic now. It helps because it’s the research produced by such publications that is interpreted by other blogs, which we follow on a regular basis. Instead of getting our information second-hand, why not read the findings ourselves and interpret them ourselves?

That way you won’t be susceptible to other people’s biases or perceptions. With all due respect to the leading voices in the field, research is often interpreted incorrectly, and when repeated a number of time, may cause the message to either get lost or twisted so as to lose the original context. We believe that wherever possible, original research should be accessed instead of reading derivative material.

HBR publishes top-notch content on everything related to business – including managing human resources. Highly recommended.

Some helpful reads:


Business is ultimately about selling. But selling and marketing have evolved considerably since the internet started dictating all aspects of our lives. Traditional methods just do not cut anymore. So what does?

Inbound marketing, of course. That is what digital marketing is all about, and HubSpot have an entire section dedicated to this. It’s worth checking out to get your basics right, to remain on top of trends, and to learn from your fellow entrepreneurs. If you find marketing or selling difficult, confusing, or even slightly cringe-worthy, then this is a must-follow.

Suggested reads:

Smart Hustle

This is a community of smart and entrepreneurial-minded individuals such as yourself. If you have ever wondered how industry developments relate to small businesses or how similar-sized companies are making use of the trends, this is the place you want to be at.

There’s support, motivation, and information – all in one place. You might want to check out the following:


Over to you

Information is power, but only when you have it at the right time and are able to use it in a right way (also at the right time). When you subscribe to these blogs or follow them on social media, you expose yourself to brilliant and relevant ideas coming your way every second you spend there. That can only enrich you.

With so many quality blogs for entrepreneurs, we have only scratched the surface. Which blogs do you follow on a daily basis and how has the information helped your business?


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